Sexy Native Lady Luxe Galloon Lace With Lace Trim And Mesh Thong Wholesale: $2.50 Each NEW PRICE $1.20

Regular Price: $2.50
On Sale For: $1.20
Part Number: NL124922

Description: This is very high quality item that is priced very competitively. Made for high end dept stores and boutiques. It has gorgeous gallon lace with lace trim and mesh thong. The fabric is 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Beautiful color as you can see picture. See below for back view. With tags and hangers,ready for for sale. Do not miss out on this!!

Colors: Hot Pink

Sizes: S/1,M/2, L/2, XL/1

Suggested Retail: 12.99 and Up

Availability: Immediate

Min Order: 6 Thong

Ships in: 1 Day