The Continuing Popularity of Sexy Basques, Bustiers and Corsets

Corsets, or basques, and bustiers are back in the mainstream here in the US and in the UK! These popular undergarments enhance the wearer's curves, provide lift to enhance a bust size, tone down the waist and flatten the stomach. Any size lingerie business, from the home-based Ebay store to the corner boutique, can profit by carrying a variety of this sexy and practical lingerie, priced as always, below wholesale.

What is a bustier?

The bustier is a variation of the bra - with the benefits of a corset. Like a bra, the bustier has straps and can offer varying degrees of support, making the bustier a popular item for the full-figured lingerie purchaser. Like a corset, the bustier is boned and extends down the waist, trimming the midriff and providing posture support and a slender silhouette. For practical as well as aesthetic reasons, the bustier is a very popular bridal lingerie item.

What is a corset?

Historically, a corset (basque) has no cups and does not support the bust line. Instead, the focus is on reducing the waistline and creating a more curvaceous figure. Some corsets can pull in a waistline by inches! Corsets without a cup have also gained popularity as a fashion statement, worn as a top.

You will discover that today's lingerie purchasers often refer to the bustier as a corset and vice versa. In addition, the line between the two has been blurred through the development of corsets or strapless bustiers, designed with a demi-cup for support. These undergarments are very popular for wearing underneath a strapless gown - making them a must-have for your line of bridal lingerie.

If you haven't yet added wholesale bustiers to your lingerie line, consider the popularity - and subsequent price point - of these sexy and practical undergarments. Browse The Lingerie Center's large selection of corsets and you will find a variety of colors, satin and lace to please even the most discriminating buyer.